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♪♫♪Oh let this party start!♪♫♪


objectionlessobjectlesson I’m writing this convoluted fic that I started a year ago and just got back around to.

Thank you, babe!! You’re so sweet!

Sometimes I’m a good writer and I think that’s inspiration enough for me to finish this thing

baby's first words

baby: d-d-da..
father: daddy?
baby: david bowie

spazzyjazzywriting it was for an asshole…like a literal asshole…

"Pink star" has got to be one of the worst euphemisms I’ve ever heard….

Fried rice for breakfast makes my uterus happy








As a professional internet, it’s my job to search the web for quality, intellectually stimulating content. Like this.

The heavens parted, and delivered unto us a scion of hope, a glimmer of immortality. This song.

Its been a few hours since I posted this and I’m pretty sure I’ve gone back to listen to it about twelve times now and each time it still makes me almost develop a hernia from laughing so much.

i’ve never loved something the way i love this post


I love that you tag me. Fuck you lmao.

Just so you know, this is what my muse will play if you are feeling down.

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reblog is you like the band Tool

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“you’re just missing a concert” they said

“it’s not like it’s a big deal” they said

“it’s just a band” they said

“what are you doing with that axe” they said

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These were labeled 1991 - 1995.  

I found them here.

These are the last of the old pictures I found. 

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